Coloring & Activity Books

  • Bonus Two-Book Set
  • Join Eagle, Hawk, Robyn, Starling and their fellow cadets at Stardust Space Academy as they soar and explore all the wonders of the universe
  • Kids will love these interactive and engaging activities and coloring pages
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  • Suit up for your next space adventure
  • Favorite Characters: Collect all of the Space Racers T-shirts
  • Big, Bright Graphics: Each Space Racers T-shirt features big images of the cadets, bright colors, and bold logos
  • Each design comes in two colors: Eagle (yellow and gray), Robyn (hot pink and white), Hawk (red and powder blue), Starling (lilac purple and white) and four cadets (navy blue and electric blue)
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  • Space Racers Mission to Mars Launch Pack
  • Contains Five Space Racers Toys
  • Join the Cadets on a special mission with these vehicles
  • Eagle, Robyn, Hawk, Starling, and Raven
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Plush Toys

  • Kids will love to cuddle with these stuffed plush rocket toys
  • STEM Imaginary Play for preschoolers
  • Collect all four cadets: Eagle, Robyn, Hawk, and Starling
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